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UK Automotive has a talented and dynamic workforce, characteristics which have been a key factor in its recent successes. This was reflected in the materiality assessment, which identified human capital as a key area to the sector and external stakeholders. To ensure continued growth, there is a need to maintain and build upon these strengths through a holistic approach to skills, delivered through a comprehensive and long-term skills strategy. Such a strategy should focus upon: increasing the take-up of automotive careers; the training, up skilling and retention of people in work; and addressing the skills challenges posed by new technologies and demographic trends (such as the ageing workforce).

The growth of the sector has been reflected in an 11.9% increase in employment reported by signatories, which reached 109,890 employees in 2016. Signatories reported that around 18% of the workforce in 2016 were agency workers, up from 16% the year before. In line with increased industry growth, the number of jobs dependent on the automotive sector in the UK remained stable at 814,000 in 2016, with direct employment in automotive manufacturing jobs also stable at 169,000.

Staff Turnover 

The automotive industry remained an attractive employer with a high retention rate. This was reflected in a low staff turnover which dropped in 2016 to 5% from 7% the year before


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